Logistics & Transportation: Leveraging AR/VR & Wearables | EWTS 2019

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EWTS 2019


Patrick Bass
Robin Hensley
Michael Rob
Vinzent Rudtsch
Brandt Wilson
David Jenkinson
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David Jenkinson | Director and Co-Founder | EWG

Patrick Bass | CEO and President of North America | thyssenkrupp
Robin Hensley | VP Operations Technology | UPS
Michael Rob | Manager, Distribution and Logistics | Philip Morris International
Vinzent Rudtsch | Head of Ergoskeleton Project | Audi AG
Brandt Wilson | Director of Innovation |

Knight Transportation

Leading Supply Chain & Logistics experts discuss how they’re leveraging AR/VR & wearables to:

-Optimize warehouse layout
-Get goods to customers faster and cheaper
-Simplify warehouse processes like picking and packing
-Guide and protect warehouse workers
-Reduce training time
-Optimize navigation / GPS

Speakers from:
EWG, thyssenkrupp, UPS, Philip Morris International, Audi G, Knight Transportation