(Panel) Design & Visualization - Enterprise XR Applications

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Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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XR is reinventing how we design, visualize and interact with products, environments, and information. In this new era of visualization, companies are streamlining the design process, making more informed decisions, and getting products to market faster. In this session from the 2022 Augmented Enterprise Summit, enterprise practitioners share how they are using AR/VR/MR to:

- Collaborate remotely on design projects

- Improve communication with stakeholders and avoid rework

- Iterate faster and speed up the product design process

- Plan layouts and simulate assembly processes

- Gain insight with 3D asset visualization

- MORE: Challenges and costs of adopting XR for design and visualization, advantages of XR over traditional visualization technologies, converting CAD and other 3D data, visualizing Big Data, Digital Twins, etc.

Moderator: Jay Wright, CEO, Campfire


--James Barrett, Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer, Turner Construction

--Framarz Mistry, Sr. Director, Design Technology, Mohawk Industries

--Andrew Brokaw, Virtual and Augmented Reality Technical Leader, CNH Industrial

--Allison Yanites, Immersive Technology Lead, Arcadis

--Ryan Wheeler, Fellow, Advanced Visualizations, Collins Aerospace

Speakers from:
Turner Construction, Mohawk Industries, CNH Industrial, Arcadis, Collins Aerospace