(Panel) Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience - Enterprise XR Applications

Video Source:
Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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The next generation of marketing and sales - accelerated by the pandemic - involves immersing clients and customers in your brand and delivering product experiences and education directly to the consumer. In this session from Augmented Enterprise 2022, enterprise practitioners discuss how they are leveraging AR/VR/MR to:

- Engage customers through branded immersive experiences

- Pitch products and services both internally and externally

- Create new shopping experiences

- Personalize customer service

- Boost sales, reduce returns, and increase customer satisfaction

- MORE: Challenges and costs of adopting XR for marketing and sales, benefits of XR over traditional digital marketing, virtual try on, branded lenses and filters, product visualization and 3D assets, web-based, mobile and location-based XR, virtual showrooms, gamified customer experiences, impact of upcoming consumer AR glasses, etc.

Moderator: Stephane Licina, Partnerships Manager, Circuit Stream


--Jeff Lien, Technical Leader, Andersen Corporation

--Paulo Amaral, Global Digital Marketing Lead, GSK

--Austin Reed, Director Creative Media Studio, HNTB

Speakers from:
Andersen Corporation, GSK, HNTB