(Panel) Safety Wearables: Exoskeletons, Biometrics, Smartwatches, and Other Non-Eyewear

Video Source:
Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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Wearable technologies are augmenting safety efforts in a range of industries. In this session from Augmented Enterprise 2022, enterprises discuss how they are testing and using wearables to improve workplace safety and mitigate risks. Devices covered include: Smartwatches, smart bands, smart PPE, exoskeletons, and other body-worn sensors.

- What variables can you track with wearable sensors (workplace activity, employee biometrics, location, environmental conditions, ergonomics)?

- What are the different form factors and associated costs?

- What are the types of exoskeletons and when should you insert an exoskeleton over a robot?

- Data Analytics: Turning wearable data into actionable insights

- What are the challenges of adopting safety wearables and how are companies overcoming these?

- Privacy implications and user acceptance

- Best practices for measuring ROI

- More: Device management, hygiene, smart PPE, smartwatches, employee wellness, workers’ comp, COVID safety, etc.

Moderator: Jim Xiao, Founder and President, Mason


--Dr. Julie Gilpin-McMinn, Technical Fellow Human Factors and Ergonomics, Spirit AeroSystems

--Nick Magana, Ergonomics Program Manager, Southern California Edison

--Marisol Barrero, Global Ergonomics Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

--Steve Labudzinski, R&D Specialist, Con Edison

--Kevin Harrup, Sr. Manager, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Altria

Speakers from:
Spirit AeroSystems, Southern California Edison, AWS, Con Edison, Altria