(Panel) The ROI of Enterprise XR - Defining and Measuring Success

Video Source:
Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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It’s no secret that adopting XR involves some financial risk. While there are plenty of successful examples of XR in enterprise, it can still be challenging to justify investing right now. In this session from the 2022 Augmented Enterprise Summit, enterprise experts share real metrics and best practices for measuring and demonstrating XR’s value to your business.

Moderator: Remi Del Mar, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Experiences - AR & Commercial Display Solutions, Epson


--Elliot Drake, Digital Technology Specialist, GSK

--Vince Herrera, Digital Value Delivery Leader for Sales & Marketing, DuPont

--Andrew Peterson, Digital Tools & Innovation Engineer | Cummins AR/VR/XR Forum Leader, Cummins

--Eric Bursch, Design & Innovation Consultant - Immersive Experiences, Toyota

Speakers from:
GSK, DuPont, Cummins, Toyota