(Panel) Training - Enterprise XR Applications

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Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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Though training was a popular XR application before 2020, the pandemic spurred a rapid increase in use cases, with companies turning to immersive tech to teach both hard and soft skills to remote employees. In this session from the 2022 Augmented Enterprise Summit, enterprise practitioners discuss how they are leveraging AR/VR/MR for training.

Moderator: Lucky Gobindram, General Manager, CemtrexXR (CXR)


--Leslie Forsberg, VR Development, The Boeing Company

--Chris Koomen, Virtual Reality Engineer and Specialist, Air France

--KLM--Alyssa Whittington, XR Specialist, Invista

--Scott Burkey, Technology Fellow, XR, WestRock

Speakers from:
Boeing, Air France-KLM, Invista, WestRock