(Panel) Virtual Collaboration & Meetings - Enterprise XR Applications

Video Source:
Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022


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Video conferencing has helped bridge the communication gap throughout the pandemic. Even so, companies are struggling to replicate the collaboration and socialization of in-person meetings. Enter XR: Where virtual offices were once seen as futuristic, COVID brought the concept to the fore and tech companies have taken notice. In this session from Augmented Enterprise 2022, enterprise practitioners discuss how they are leveraging AR/VR/MR to:

- Mimic real-world interactions

- Collaborate in a virtual workspace (multi-user collaboration)

- Improve the remote work (WFH) experience

- Facilitate more nuanced communication amongst team members

- Reduce travel costs and carbon footprint

- Enable hybrid work models

- MORE: Challenges and costs of adopting XR for collaboration, current market for VR meeting solutions, benefits of shared virtual spaces over standard video conferencing, virtual offices, social VR (avatars and more), user acceptance, future of collaboration, etc.

Moderator: Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA

Speakers: Dane Laughlin, Operations Transformation Product Leader, Invista | Miranda Palmisano, XR Immersive Technologies & Connected Worker Product Owner, Chevron | Nick Castillo, Immersive Design Center Engagement Lead, Laser Scanning SME, Visual Artist & 3D Guru, Raytheon Technologies | Vineet Kamboj, User Experience Designer, Schlumberger | Elliot Drake, Digital Technology Specialist, GSK

Speakers from:
Invista, Chevron, Raytheon Technologies, Schlumberger, GSK