AR/VR/MR-Enabled Remote Assistance & Guided Work Instructions | EWTS 2020

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EWTS 2020


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Application experts discuss how they’re leveraging AR/VR & wearables to:

  • View work instructions, 3D models, graphics, alerts, videos, etc.
  • Access real-time information
  • Record and verify work
  • Enable remote expert support (see-what-I-see)
  • Reduce errors, downtime and associated costs

Chad Modad, Chief Technology Officer (Houston Innovation Hub) (Accenture)

Randy Nunez, Tech Trend Lead, Extended Reality (Ford)

Sam Murley, Digital Transformation Director, WW Augmented Reality (PTC)

Renita Whitfield, Tech Live Look Program Manager (Porsche)

Ryan Scanlon, Lead Architect - Emerging Technologies (Travelers)

Speakers from:
Accenture, Ford, PTC, Porsche, Travelers