Rogers O'Brien's Use of Leveraging Wearables in Construction | EWTS 2016

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EWTS 2016 (East)


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Joe Williams
Todd Wynne

In this exciting presentation closing out EWTS 2016, Joe Williams and Todd Wynne of Rogers-O’Brien Construction take us to their office, the building site, where there are no desks or chairs (only challenges); where projects are constantly changing; and where not every worker is able to return home from the job safely.

According to Joe and Todd, the construction industry cannot afford to wait 10 years to realize the incredible impact – especially on safety – that wearables have to offer. Learn about a few of the exciting technologies currently being tested on a number of Rogers-O’Brien projects, including safety vests that light up to alert workers when they are entering a controlled access zone, 360-degree cameras mounted onto regular hard hats that enable virtual walkthroughs of job sites, a company creating the “YouTube of industry,” and exosuits that empower workers to wield heavy tools with less exertion.

Speakers from:
Rogers-O’Brien Construction