Smart Glasses, AR, VR, & MR: Head Worn Devices in the Enterprise | EWTS 2017

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EWTS Fall 2017


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Johanna Bellenberg
Brock McKeel
Sam Murley
Alan Robles
Kelly Thresher
Jaap de Vries
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Picavi’s Johanna Bellenberg talks about head-worn devices with the very people implementing the technology at Walmart, GE Transportation, Gensler, USPS, and FM Global. The panelists share use cases, with training being the most popular. Walmart is using VR at its training academies to simulate exceptional customer experience problems. AR/VR is helping the Postal Service meet the demands of a changing digital world, and FM Global to show policyholders what would happen in case of a flood or fire. GE Transportation is looking at VR to design and plan operations, and at Gensler visualization technologies are impacting how architects design and develop structures of every kind.

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