Smart Glasses: Head Worn Devices in the Enterprise | EWTS 2018

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EWTS 2018


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Chris Koomen
Megan Lubaszka
Ed Moore
John Rygg
Alex Kelly
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Librestream’s Jereme Pitts leads this panel spotlighting the challenges and benefits of deploying and utilizing head-worn devices in the enterprise. Jereme is joined by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ Chris Koomen, Gensler’s Megan Lubaszka, Chevron’s Ed Moore, Kiewit’s John Rygg and Vuzix’s Alex Kelly. The diverse experiences of the panelists in adopting AR/VR/MR across different sectors provides an informative look at the benefits and pitfalls of introducing head-worn devices and the keys to successfully doing so. Among the issues addressed are how to be skillful in introducing clients and colleagues to new technologies and how to determine whether wearables are an appropriate tool for a given use case.

Speakers from:
Librestream, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Gensler, Chevron, Kiewit, and Vuzix