The Connected Workforce: Enabling Enterprise AR/VR & Wearables with Other Emerging Technologies | EWTS 2019

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EWTS 2019


Ilissa Bruser
Scott Aldridge
Eric Johnston
Brian Laughlin
Peggy Wu
Nathan Yorgey
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Ilissa Bruser | Manager, Corporate Incubation | Bose Corporation

Scott Aldridge | Senior Manager, Disruptive Technologies | CDM Smith
Eric Johnston | Connected Worker Architect | ExxonMobil
Brian Laughlin | Technical Fellow, IT Architect, Mobile Solution | Boeing Co.
Peggy Wu | Principle Research Scientist, Human Machine Interactions | United Technologies
Nathan Yorgey | Director Digital Innovation | Pfizer

As adoption and roll outs of AR/VR and wearables in the enterprise continue to grow, it’s not too soon to consider the ultimate goal: A fully connected workplace. In this session, enterprise experts explore other emerging and enabling technologies that can be combined with AR/VR and wearables to accelerate adoption and unlock more value.

Technologies to be covered:

-Automation and Robotics
-Drones and 3D printing
-Big Data and IoT
-Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial -Intelligence (AI)
-3D Scanning & Mapping
-Computer Vision (CV)
-5G, and more

Speakers from:
Bose Corporation, M Smith, ExxonMobil, Boeing Co., United Technologies, Pfizer