VR/AR & Wearable Technologies Are Helping Transform Design, Construction & Operations

Video Source:
EWTS 2016 (East)


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Taylor Cupp
Michal Wojtak

Mortenson Construction, known mostly for its sports stadiums, started looking at AR and VR technologies around 2007. In this joint case study presented by Mortenson’s Taylor Cupp and Michal Wojtak, hear what this construction leader has learned over the years and its vision for the augmented and wearable future of the AEC industry.

Some key takeaways: In construction, AR/VR have enormous potential to eliminate roadblocks associated with the design decision-making process. As for jobsite wearables, Taylor and Michael see real value in the age-old technology of the hard hat, as well as in using wearable tech to tackle the industry labor shortage and documentation challenges. Taylor’s concluding message on behalf of the construction industry is “we want you;” construction needs help to make wearables and other emerging technologies happen, and events like EWTS go a long way towards that necessary collaboration for the sake of progress.

Speakers from:
Mortenson Construction