Wearable Innovations in the Automotive Industry: Challenges & Learnings | EWTS 2016

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EWTS 2016 (East)


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Jörg Schulte
Percy Stocker

In this joint case study, BMW’s Dr. Jorg Schulte gives us a look inside the BMW Spartanburg Plant in South Carolina, where the factory heartbeat is every 90 seconds. Not only does a vehicle come off the assembly line every 90 seconds but each vehicle is customer-specified and therefore different.

Ubimax’s Percy Stocker reflects on the project, how it came to be and the improvements hands-free smart glasses brought to the inspection process. Despite some negative feedback – ex. the hardware was sometimes too sensitive, other times not responsive enough – BMW sees those kinds of challenges becoming resolved over time (with more use) and great benefits to be gained in multiple application areas, resulting in an overall improved value chain and better product quality at the end of the day.

Speakers from:
BMW, Ubimax