Where the Headset Meets the Plant Floor | EWTS 2019

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EWTS 2019


Brian Robinson
Andrew Warren
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Brian Robinson | Innovation Specialist AR/VR/XR | Bridgestone
Andrew Warren | Engineering Services Support Manager | Bridgestone

XR is the future, but how do we implement it now? How do we save money while using this technology today?  What does XR mean for me NOW?

How many times do you hear these questions as an Innovator?

We are going to show a day in the life of our designs.  How we incorporate VR for Design Reviews, taking what we learned in VR and applying it to MR on the plant floor reviews, continuing those improvements and creating a better Risk Assessment through remote applications, then leading into how we maintain the equipment through the entirety of its life cycle.

Innovation for us is not just about where we can go with new technology, but how we can integrate it today into what we do.

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