(Case Study) Critical Success Factors for Achieving ROI through Deployment of Industrial Wearables

September 17, 2019

You’ve researched other companies in your industry. And you know which ones have achieved significant results with industrial wearables. But what’s the best way to deploy wearable devices to workers within your enterprise?

The challenges are well-documented. Some struggle to identify a strong business case, while others find it difficult to plan, develop, and execute their enterprise wearables pilot. But RealWear has simplified this process for all industries and use cases. In this presentation, we will share our secrets of how the largest enterprises in the world successfully deploy industrial wearables.

  • See how head-mounted devices (HMD) can boost worker productivity while improving their safety, without tradeoffs.
  • Learn from companies across a wide range of industries who are deploying HMD and getting real results.
  • How to pick the best HMD, escape pilot purgatory, and advance to wide-scale deployment.