10 More Enterprise Metaverse Statistics

Written BY

Emily Friedman

May 16, 2022

When it comes to the enterprise AR/VR/MR (XR) space, the immersive devices used to enter digital worlds are nothing new. What is new is rising consumer awareness of and interest in XR. Along with the metaverse hype comes new opportunities to actually launch consumer-facing XR applications in business and industry beyond flashy experiments and mobile AR. In addition, XR's role in enterprise is expanding beyond the factory or the field, into remote and hybrid offices. Here are 10 statistics impacting the enterprise metaverse:


52% of internet users say they would join the metaverse for work reasons such as virtual workspaces and networking. (Statista) 


33% of developers believe that data privacy and security are the biggest hurdles that the metaverse has to overcome. (Agora)


According to a recent Microsoft report, 57% of people prefer telecommuting and 51% said they would consider switching to mixed or hybrid offices next year (Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work Work released by Microsoft)


2019 was the first year that enterprise spending on XR eclipsed consumer spending. (Harbor Research)



40% of consumers said they would pay more for a product they could customize in Augmented Reality. (Threekit)



In 2025, CCS Insight forecasts businesses will purchase 13 million extended reality devices. (CCS Insight)

One quarter of employees have already experimented with extended reality. A further 44% are interested in trying it. (CCS Insight survey)



64.2 ZB of data was created, captured or replicated in 2020, but of all that data only 10.6% was useful for analysis or AI/ML models. (IDC)



19% of online adults in the U.S. (13% UK) think companies should build more branded experiences in the metaverse. (Forrester Research)



75% of the global population and nearly all smartphone users will be frequent AR users by 2025. (Snap)
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