3 Key Takeaways for Fast-tracking AR in Enterprise

Written BY

Emily Friedman

March 20, 2019

Last week, Seth Patin, CEO of LogistiVIEW, and Lance Anderson, CEO of Lance-AR, shared a new way to adopt augmented reality in your organization in the webinar “Fast-tracking AR for enterprise – From idea directly to deployment.” Here are three takeaways:

  1. Avoid pilot purgatory by “skipping” the pilot: At this point, five years after the initial release of Google Glass, we’re beyond pilots. AR has been proven in the enterprise space in hundreds of pilots across the industry spectrum.
  2. Start small, start real: Taking decisive action drives time to value. When the stakes are real, IT has to make it secure and employees have to acclimate. Don’t invite fear of change. Instead of trying to achieve maximum ROI and dramatic digital transformation, optimize the process that is the lowest-hanging fruit in order to set yourself up for incremental improvement, incremental adoption.
  3. Deploy on top of your existing operations: For your first deployment, don’t choose a use case requiring you to completely stop a process or one that requires significant AR visualization rework.

For more valuable takeaways and to learn more, watch the full webinar available now on demand.

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