All of the News Out of EWTS 2019

Written BY

Emily Friedman

September 23, 2019

The 2019 Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) took place last week in Dallas. While it was the largest EWTS yet – with over 1,000 attendees and 60+ exhibitors – the show still managed to retain its characteristic intimacy. 2019 was also the most diverse year on the EWTS expo floor, which showcased a variety of hardware and software including AR/VR devices, exoskeletons, haptic gloves, and training platforms. Past and longtime EWTS attendees caught up, first timers were exposed to the top industrial AR/VR and wearable solutions, and everyone took away something to fuel the next year of innovation at work.

While this event has always been about the end user, the immersive/wearable tech market has also grown here. This year, a number of exhibitors chose to announce new partnerships and launch products at EWTS. Here are all of the announcements that came out during the show:


ThirdEye launched its X2 mixed reality glasses, a lightweight enterprise AR headset retailing at $1950. What sets the X2 apart is its light weight of only 9.8 ounces (the smallest on the market). Designed for small, mid-sized and large-scale companies, the X2 is strictly for enterprise. (For comparison, HoloLens 2 costs $3500 and the Magic Leap One $2295.) Learn more


Iristick announced that its Iristick.Z1 smart safety glasses are now compatible with iOS smartphones (in addition to Android), which is great news for early enterprise adopters with a strict iOS company policy. Learn more


Qualcomm announced a new initiative designed to help XR companies accelerate the development of business solutions. The Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program – part of the company’s broader Qualcomm Advantage Network – connects XR headsets based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR Platform together with enterprise solution providers in a broad array of industries. Learn more


The three companies announced and showcased a new, fully wireless PC concept called Boundless XR, a precursor to Boundless XR over 5G—an untethered walking VR experience that will enable users to configure and explore a range of Cadillac vehicles in high definition thanks to ZeroLight, without the need for external sensors.

Using a Pico protoype headset, Qualcomm replicated the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G at its booth by rendering on a PC and streaming directly via a local 60-GHz wireless connection. The 5G version will move from local hardware to 5G Mobile Edge Compute (MEC). Learn more


The company launched a new look, new site and new product at EWTS 2019. “EWTS is where the seed of the idea was planted by innovative companies saying, ‘This is the solution we need’. It’s the perfect place to share our new SaaS product with the XR industry. Learn more


Jujotech introduced and demonstrated Fusion Inspect, “the first market solution for smart headsets with rich media customizable reports and fully integrated with remote assist (Fusion Remote).” Fusion Inspect provides hands-free inspection and reporting to improve AEC and Telco productivity. Learn more


TeamViewer announced the integration of TeamViewer Pilot remote connectivity platform with RealWear, Vuzix and Epson smart glasses. Learn more


If Magic Leap had to choose one event to establish itself in enterprise, EWTS was the right choice. At the same time, Magic Leap announced Concepts, “free apps with limited functionality meant to garner feedback, experimentation and support from the broader [ML] community.” One new concept already released is the “Wall Street Journal Stock Data Concept” from The Dow Jones Innovation Lab. Learn more


The company announced the new BeBop Sensors Forte Data Glove Enterprise Edition, a comfortable, one-size-fits-all, wireless VR/AR haptic glove built for business. The glove provides real-time haptic feedback allowing users to “feel” textures and surfaces and move around digital objects. BeBop also won a U.S. Air Force contract. Learn more


Epson’s see-what-I-see remote assistance solution Moverio Assist is now commercially available at a low cost. Using the Moverio smart glasses, wearers can view high-quality instructions, photos, PDFs and videos while communicating with remote personnel in real time. Learn more

*Image source: J&J Studio

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