AR Remote Support: Work Star of the Pandemic

Written BY

Emily Friedman

May 19, 2021

Not that enterprises didn't see the benefits of remote support prior to 2020: Of course companies wanted to resolve issues faster, cut down on travel, etc. but implementing remote support solutions wasn't a necessity; it wasn't the only option to support customers and keep operations running. You might say augmented reality was a luxury for business pre-COVID, and that AR-enable remote support solutions have been the breakout star of the pandemic--at least in the world of enterprise. Check out this group discussion from EWTS 2020, a well-timed event from the point of view of evaluating the impact of the pandemic on adoption of AR-powered remote assistance and guided work instructions. This video features end users from Ford, Porsche and Travelers along with experts from PTC and Accenture.

Image source: PTC

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