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Essert's Remote Support System with Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses
See how enterprises can use Essert's remote support system with Vuzix's M100 Smart Glasses
December 16, 2015
Worker Guidance with Smart Glasses and xMake at WS Kunststoff-Service
Use of Smart Glasses and Ubimax worker guidance application xMake at WS Kunststoff-Service GmbH
October 12, 2015
HPE Visual Remote Guidance
Included in the HP Predictive Press Care service portfolio, HP Visual Remote Guidance for HP Inkjet Web Presses allows press operators to increase up-time and resolve press issues more quickly with Google Glass.
July 23, 2015
Enhancing Customer Support with Smart Glasses
HP Visual Remote Guidance is a set of technologies that enable live collaboration between customers and HP remote service engineers via HP MyRoom, enabling real-time voice, video and content sharing. Customers can be guided remotely by one or multiple HP service experts and gain a world-class experience and fast issue resolution. Category
July 8, 2015

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