Addressing the Skills Gap and Improving Safety with Augmented Reality

Cheaper, Flexible, Safer: The Many Benefits of XR Training

Written BY

Emily Friedman

June 16, 2021

Immersive training, including AR-enabled over-the-shoulder coaching and virtual simulations, was one of the top enterprise XR use cases before COVID. When the pandemic put a halt to travel and in-person classroom learning, the benefits of AR/VR for training only shone brighter. Going forward, these benefits - reduced travel (ability to deliver training directly to employees), greater flexibility (ability to simulate any scenario), etc. - guarantee XR will be an onboarding and upskilling standard across industry. Revisit this panel from EWTS 2020 featuring experts from Walmart, AtlasCopco, Bridgestone, Solvay, and Re'flekt to hear more.

Image source: Auganix

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