Q and A: Epson Partners with Atheer to Harness Power of Professionals

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Emily Friedman

June 21, 2016

Atheer’s partnership with Epson was announced last week at EWTS 2016. Working with Epson brings a level of expertise in enterprise that is important to Atheer, as more and more interested enterprise companies are looking for flexible, collaborative tools for their workforce. We “sat down” with Atheer to learn more about the new partnership and what it means for the enterprise wearable tech space.

One. What is the partnership that Epson is announcing with Atheer?

Atheer has optimized its award-winning AiR Suite™ enterprise solution for Moverio smart eyewear. The Android-based software is designed for “deskless” professionals to communicate with remote experts to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, as well as managing task flow creation and deployment, and on-the-go task documentation in a variety of industrial settings.

Atheer and Masimo for Medical Applications.


Two. What will this mean for customers who already own Epson glasses?

EPSON and Atheer are offering existing EPSON Moverio BT200 or BT2000 customers a 30-day free trial in order to try the AiR Suite enterprise software. Based on existing Atheer customer satisfaction with AiR Suite, both parties are anticipating high interest and trial activity.

Three. What will this mean for future Epson customers?

The AiR Suite for enterprise software on the Epson Moverio platform can deliver unbounded collaboration, management, and rapid task flow creation and deployment to “deskless” professionals in the industrial space. By leveraging the robust features of Moverio smart eyewear, customers can receive an efficient wearable computing solution that works out of the box and makes hands-on work easier and safer.

Four. How will this affect Atheer customers?

Atheer customers will now have the opportunity to use the AiR Suite software they know and love on the Moverio smart glass platform. As part of the Atheer offering, we are committed to providing our customers with the most flexible enterprise solution that takes advantage of the power of our award-winning AiR Suite with the award-winning EPSON Moverio glasses in addition to what we already offer on AiR Glasses and other third-party glasses.

Five. Is this kind of partnership between a software company like Atheer and a large hardware company like Epson representative of new kinds of relationships in the space?

This partnership shows the marriage of two industry leaders – EPSON is a world-class hardware maker and Atheer is an Augmented Reality software platform pioneer. It makes a lot of sense to combine the expertise of these two organizations into one offering that works out of the box.

Six. How do you see this partnership moving forward down the road?

We are really excited about this partnership and look forward to expanding on our combined offerings in a number of ways in the near future.

Seven. I understand that you recently won the “Best Enterprise Solution” award at AWE 2016 just this month? Do you think this has an effect on your partnership with Epson?

EPSON has been winning awards for their hardware for years. Our “Best Enterprise Solution” award for AiR Suite is very timely for this partnership. Not only does it provide complementary capabilities for Epson’s Moverio but it continues to build Atheer’s commitment to flexibility and ease of use for our enterprise customers who have a variety of needs and uses at all levels of their organizations.

Flex Uses Atheer for Warehousing



About Atheer:

Atheer is the pioneer of AiR™ (Augmented interactive Reality) computing, designed to enhance the productivity and safety of “deskless professionals” at Fortune 1000 companies. The award-winning Atheer AiR Glasses™ powered by the AiR OS provide the most interactive mobile smart glasses experience with intelligent gesture, voice and head-motion controls and full compatibility with Android. Completing the offer, the device independent award-winning AiR Suite™ provides collaboration and task flow management to empower the 21st-century workforce in areas such as Industrial, Manufacturing and Healthcare. Powered by over 70 patents (17 granted) and validated with key customers including Flex, Masimo and Duke Energy, the Atheer platform provides the most practical smart glasses solution for enterprises. For more information, please visit Atheerair.com.

Image source: Tech Radar

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