The Future of Work is Digital, Now and Remote: AR Remote Support for Accelerated Digital Transformation

Written BY

Emily Friedman

June 10, 2020

Not all remote support solutions are created equal. This is becoming abundantly clear as organizations seek to improve upon their improvised remote work arrangements in the time of Covid-19. 

Since March and for the foreseeable future, companies in every industry have had to adopt remote working in order to comply with travel restrictions, quarantine and social distancing measures; and what they’re finding is that traditional video conferencing solutions aren’t effective or secure enough for modern industrial operations.  

Augmented or Assisted Reality-enabled remote support isn’t new. Pre-pandemic, companies were already adopting and testing smart glasses and other AR-capable devices along with remote assistance and collaboration software to cut down on travel and downtime, even for remote training. Coronavirus has accelerated these efforts and forced all businesses to rethink how they work. If anything, this global ‘experiment’ across the enterprise has revealed that it is possible to work from home, that a good remote support/communication solution is critical to do so efficiently, and that the future of work will never be the same

In a new complimentary white paper from AMA, learn about the trends and challenges making digital transformation essential across industries, from Coronavirus to the growing skills gap. Understand why remote is the future of work, and why traditional telepresence and video conferencing solutions aren’t capable of carrying us into that future. Find out what’s critical in a good remote support solution and why XpertEye stands out among available solutions. Finally, read about applications and real use cases for XpertEye in industry, including remote assistance, training and inspection. 

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