The Top 7 Reasons to Attend the 7th EWTS: EWTS Everywhere 2020

Written BY

Emily Friedman

August 3, 2020

With so many digital events this year, it can be difficult to pick a virtual conference experience worthy of your time, so let us help you make that decision easier. Here are seven reasons to attend EWTS Everywhere this October 20-23 online: 


The platform: When COVID-19 began impacting in-person events, we researched and evaluated over 100 digital event platforms. What we found were a number of common pain points, leading us to build our own proprietary platform. Perhaps the biggest issue we identified with all those platforms is that they’re built by technology engineers with little to no experience organizing high-quality B2B events. 

It takes an experienced conference organizer to translate an event like EWTS into a digital experience that preserves what makes the in-person show so valuable while adding features only possible in an online format; and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Moreover, all features and tools of the EWTS platform live under one roof (no external modules to launch). 


Agenda and takeaways: To distinguish EWTS Everywhere (what we’re calling this year’s EWTS) from just another multi-day digital event, we altered the agenda to suit the online format, with attendees tuning in from home and all the distractions that come with. Thus, there are only four hours of live sessions each day of the event. All other session content is provided on-demand and we’ve built in two hours of dedicated exhibit time every day

What makes EWTS ‘worth it’ are the takeaways: Best-practice advice for adopting and scaling AR/VR and wearables from those effectively using the technology today. The same holds true for the online version: Hear the most mature use cases from the likes of AGCO, Boeing, FedEx, Toyota and Walmart, plus brand-new uses case by BP, Chevron, Clorox, Dow, GM, HSBC and more. Learn first-hand how companies have used/are using immersive and wearable technologies to weather the pandemic and plan for a safe return to work amidst the ongoing spread of the virus.  


Track record: 2020 will be the seventh EWTS. Online or in-person, the show is really in a class of its own, designed to provide enterprise attendees with everything they need to take back to their colleagues and superiors. The Fortune 500/1000 speakers you’ll see have overcome technical and cultural challenges so you don’t have to and done the hard work of evangelizing the technology within their own companies. Attendees return year after year, typically with use cases of their own to present inspired by the previous year’s case studies and carefully vetted expo. 


Leading expo: EWTS boasts the largest expo of ready-to-deploy, industrial immersive and wearable technology solutions. The hardware, software and platforms you’ll discover are providing real ROI to companies today. We’re talking solutions that have been proven in the field and vetted by the BrainXchange team. You’ll find plenty of Augmented Reality smart glasses, Virtual Reality headsets, wrist- and body-worn wearables, exoskeletons and exosuits, multiplatform software, device management solutions, and more. 


The real possibilities: The companies that speak at EWTS are seeing incredible results. Our long-time speakers have become global leaders within their companies and many have spent years overcoming obstacles, convincing stakeholders, and navigating the issues of change management. This ROI is in the form of millions of employees trained in less time and for lower cost, thousands of hours and millions of dollars saved in downtime and service, dramatic improvements in customer engagement, and large reductions in injuries, time-to-fix, and more.  


Matchmaking and gamification: ALL EWTS Everywhere participants are required to complete a rich profile upon logging into the platform. The carefully thought-out information fields are then used by our Matchmaking engine to connect attendees to individuals with similar or complimentary backgrounds, challenges, goals and interests. There are also hidden goals to unlock, a leaderboard to encourage competition, and high-end prizes up for grabs to those attendees with the highest level of engagement, thereby ensuring participants visit all exhibitor profiles and take advantage of all platform features. 


Beyond the event: The benefits of attending EWTS Everywhere and becoming a part of the EWTS community don’t end at the close of the show. Attendees get access to conference-only resources including the session videos and presentation slides, cutting-edge educational content, and exclusive white papers, reports and webinars. 

Whether it's your first time attending or you're an EWTS veteran, you know the pace of digital transformation and the need to keep up with the latest use cases and solutions. It’s all part of the 'game' every company must play to survive and thrive in the next decade.

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