EWTS 2019 Woman with Oculus Rift at Circuit Stream booth
Bringing enterprise innovators and emerging technologies together from a distance...
As Covid-19 rages on, it's unlikely things will ever go back to the way they were pre-pandemic. Businesses still need information, however -- first-hand, expert, best-practice information for how to support workforces and industries forever changed by the events of 2020. That's why we created ConnectworX, a new socially-inspired, learning-oriented, end-to-end virtual events platform that's defining the future of online engagement.


The rich, interactive experience can be accessed from anywhere and incorporates the key components that make EWTS the most comprehensive and valuable event dedicated to the business and industrial applications for AR/VR and wearables with opportunities to ...

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Access and learn from 70+ case studies and group panel discussions making up the most extensive educational program for enterprise AR/VR and wearables

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Interact with 80+ enterprise presenters through live Q&A and a variety of communication tools

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Find, Connect, and Build meaningful relationships with likeminded professionals through online-oriented intelligent networking activities

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Discover solutions and services in the digital exhibition and experience live product demos during dedicated expo exploration time


Learn how to evaluate, adopt, and advance immersive and wearable tech via:

  • Discussion Forums: Including channels to communicate with other attendees during live presentations and topic-based group chats
  • Live Q&A: Get answers to your questions in real time from the speaker(s) after each session
  • Personal Agenda Builder: Plan and manage your schedule all in one place
  • Content Access: View presentation videos on-demand and download accompanying slides
  • Digital Briefcase: Store downloadable materials to view later


Seek out and establish meaningful relationships with those driving AR/VR and wearables in enterprise via:

  • Chat: Talk to others in real time through text, audio and video chat, either private (1:1) or group (1: Many)
  • Appointment Management: Set and manage your meetings all in one place with convenient reminders
  • Contact Information Exchange: Instantly request a user’s contact information to connect offline
  • Profile Matchmaking: Find and connect with the right people based upon desired knowledge, mutual goals, and other keywords


Explore the top enterprise hardware and software solutions via:

  • Live Expo Exploration: Access the digital exhibition any time for on-demand information and visit booths during dedicated expo hours to interact with exhibitor staff and watch live product demos
  • Product Showcase: Explore the largest digital expo of industrial wearable and immersive technology solutions with detailed product displays, live product demos, and the ability to make secure purchases right from the platform
  • Digital Briefcase: Store downloadable exhibitor materials, including product demos, promotional videos, case studies, tutorials, brochures, catalogues, white papers and more to consume later
  • Chat: Talk to exhibitors in real time through text, audio and video chat, either private (1:1) or group (1:Many)
  • Appointment Management: Schedule and manage meetings with exhibitors all in one place with convenient reminders


EWTS Everywhere empowers attendees to take control of their online conference experience, network intelligently and learn about solutions for their business.