Andy Kozak

Manager College of Technical Operations

JetBlue Airways

Andy has been a part of the aviation industry for over the past 36 years and has worked at Pan Am Express, US Airways and for the last 17 years, JetBlue Airways. He currently serves as the Manager, College of Technical Operations at JetBlue University in Orlando, Fl. and JFK, NY. He is responsible for guiding a staff of 12 instructors divided up between Orlando and JFK. The JetBlue University College of Technical Operations provides all maintenance training required to meet and support all 700 maintenance technicians in 11 maintenance bases as well as contract maintenance, across the 104 cities JetBlue provides service too. Andy also has oversight on the highly successful Gateway Apprentice Technician program at JetBlue Airways. His newest passion is how to leverage technology (VR/AR/MR) and be a “disrupter” in the aviation-training world.