(Group Discussion) Hardware and Software Considerations

10:30 am


11:25 am


Hardware, software and platform are the trifecta of any comprehensive immersive or wearable tech solution. In this session, enterprise experts discuss what is required of enterprise-grade wearable devices and applications.


  • Key features/capabilities of enterprise-ready hardware
  • Human-centered design and ergonomic factors
  • Limitations of current market offerings: Battery life, comfort, field of view, health risks, etc.


  • Considerations for building enterprise AR/VR and wearable tech apps:
    ○ UX/UI, especially in industrial and hazardous environments
    ○ Screen real estate, battery, processing power, and other device limitations
    ○ Security and integration with existing systems
    ○ Lack of standardization 
  • Content creation: Digitizing ERPs, PDFs, manuals, diagrams, machine data, etc. 
  • The CAD advantage and available market solutions for easy 3D content