The Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) is now The Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES) —

(Group Discussion) Technical Considerations of Enterprise XR/Wearables: IT and Data Security

12:30 pm


1:25 pm


Enterprise IT and security professionals discuss integrating and securing XR/wearables, sharing lessons learned and best practices for overcoming the technical challenges of adoption.


  • Role of IT and legacy IT infrastructure
  • Challenges: Network connectivity, interoperability, limited UI, content and device management, etc.
  • Overcoming barriers: Common workarounds 


  • What are the most significant challenges when it comes to XR/wearable tech cybersecurity?
  • Security measures by industry
  • Cyber defense practices that every XR/wearable tech company should follow:
    ○ Configure all application tools for regular security analysis and audits.
    ○ Ask permissions from users before collecting their data
    ○ Deploy security monitoring methods across every device and touchpoint
    ○ Use appropriate authentication methods, etc.