(Group Discussion) Smart Glasses, AR, VR, And MR: Head-Worn Devices In The Enterprise


What are the most valuable opportunities for head-worn devices in enterprise, including smart glasses, augmented, virtual and mixed reality headsets, and other head-mounted displays? In this session, leading enterprises share the use cases they’re exploring for their organizations.

  • Capabilities: Hands-free access to information, checklists and instructions; remote support; hands-free photo and video documentation; object/image recognition
  • Applications: Training, design, collaboration, workflow/checklists, service and support, safety, sales, brand development
  • AR vs. VR vs. MR: Understanding the value proposition of each reality, and which technology is right for your business
  • Considerations when creating a new digital-physical reality for your employees and customers: Hardware limitations, cost, UX/UI, environment, etc.