(Group Discussion) Software Considerations


In this group discussion, leading experts and end users converse about the current state of the enterprise wearable software market and the challenges of developing a business-ready wearable application.

  • What goes into developing effective enterprise wearable applications? Key considerations
  • Evaluating currently available software solutions: OTS vs In-house vs. 3rd party
  • Software-related issues preventing wearable technology from reaching its full potential in the enterprise
  • Developing for wearables vs. developing for smartphones and tablets
  • Key challenges in building apps for wearable platforms:
  • Understanding the UX/UI requirements in an industrial setting
  • Field of View (FOV): Screen real estate and display limitations
  • Content creation: Making enterprise information (ERMs, PDFs, 2D diagrams, manuals, machine data, etc.) wearable-ready
  • Varying operating systems
  • Memory and computing power limitations  
  • Key privacy and security concerns in building enterprise wearable apps
  • Software providers’ role in educating end users about which hardware device is right for their use case