Digital Twins: Not Just for Industry - XR in Sales & Marketing

Written BY

Emily Friedman

June 2, 2021

When you think of immersive technologies in Sales and Marketing, what do you picture? Using your smartphone camera to place pieces of virtual IKEA furniture in your home? When it comes to applications for XR in marketing, it's not all mobile AR and virtual try-ons. Brands are definitely leveraging XR for storytelling and customer engagement, but there are also highly practical consumer-facing use cases for XR in sales. With nearly every big tech company working towards mainstream consumer AR glasses and the rise in sales of Oculus Quest 2 during the pandemic, now is a great time to revisit this panel led by SuperData's Stephanie Llamas from EWTS 2020. Discover how Adidas, Coca-Cola, REI and Thermo Fisher Scientific are creating both external (consumer experiences) and internal immersive apps to boost brand engagement, solve real customer problems, and become better retail operators. Think digital twins are just for industry? Think again: Learn how creating a pipeline of digital assets beginning at the source of creation can take you all the way through customer interaction.

Image source: Coca-Cola

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