XR Training Gets Real at EWTS

Written BY

Israel Mejia

March 3, 2020

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are disrupting the ways enterprises train employees. Each year, the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) hosts the industry experts who are leading this application of immersive technologies.

Training is an umbrella term. Breaking it down, AR/VR is being applied to:

· Advance training for hazardous environments and operation of expensive equipment
· Engage new workers and secure career knowledge of longtime employees
· Onboard new staff and train employees remotely all over the world
· Train for undesirable and emergency scenarios
· Curtail time needed to train hands-on large and costly machinery
· Reduce overall training time, increase retention, and cut training costs
· Enable on-the-job learning, plus continuous and soft skills development

While adoption takes time to fully integrate, the technology is here and ready to be implemented. AR/VR is currently saving time, money and even lives, improving the employee experience from the factory floor to the board room.

Check out the training and learning experts signed on to present at EWTS 2020:

Walter Davis,
Head of Talent and Learning Technology

Jennifer Rogers,
Head of Learning

Bode Oluwe,
Technology Advisor

Paul Daley,
Learning Specialist

John McGuire,
Senior IT Architect - Cybersecurity

Jefferson Welch,
Managing Director, Fedex Ground University

Marco Madrazo,
Director, Learning Experience Design

Brandt Wilson,
Director of Innovation

Tina Kurtz,
Director, Walmart Academy Operations

Andrew Warren,
Sr. Manager, Engineering Services Support, Bridgestone

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