The Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) is now The Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES) —

(Group Discussion) Start – Build – Scale: Introducing & Advancing AR/VR & Wearables in the Enterprise

9:30 am


10:25 am


“What steps do I need to take to successfully introduce and adopt AR/VR and wearables in my business?” In this session, enterprise experts discuss how to go about effectively evaluating, piloting, and deploying AR/VR and wearable tech solutions.

Getting Started

  • Identifying the value proposition and securing buy-in from management
  • Which applications are most likely to provide ROI?
  • The importance of finding an external partner, not just a solution
  • Outsource or bring/develop the necessary talent in-house?
  • Leveraging the Covid-19 momentum to drive XR forward

Moving Forward & Scalability

  • Strategies for fully deploying and scaling the technology
  • Preparing for obstacles before and after implementation with an informed roadmap
  • Pitfalls from pilot to deployment: Tips for avoiding pilot purgatory and other dead ends
  • Beyond the innovation department: Understanding your employees and change management
  • Scaling considerations
    ○ End user buy-in/training and business process modifications
    ○ Hardware/software costs and management 
    ○ Network connectivity
  • Post-COVID: Hygiene, shareability, tracking and tracing