(Case Study) What Good Could Come Of That? Introducing The Insurance Industry To Wearables


Ever feel like one of the only people at your company seeing disruptive technology advance at quickening speed?  Are you struggling to get a traditional company moving quickly and experimenting with new technology?

Come learn about the ‘how to’ of conducting an R&D experiment with wearable technology in a highly conservative and regulated industry.  We’ll cover topics like:

–   Conducting effective change management in the enterprise

  • Addressing regulatory compliance, privacy & info security concerns
  • Coordinating between business and IT units
  • Managing expectations and earning trust
  • “You want me to do what?” Engaging end-users

–   Designing quick meaningful technology experiments

  • Evaluating hardware, software & infrastructure components
  • Working with technology vendor partners

–   Shifting from experimentation to implementation

  • What can happen when a new idea meets the Rube Goldberg machine
  • Setting expectations around value
  • Keep the long view in mind